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At Osteopathic Consultancy we are experts in the treatment of pain. We specialise in complex and chronic pain. We treat backs, shoulders, necks, knees and so much more. We are your top to toe Osteopath. So if you have been elsewhere (even other Osteopaths) and are looking for help, we are your clinic. If you are recently in pain and need help, we are your clinic too. Have a look at the video below from CEO and Clinical Director Alex Watson.

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Welcome to Osteopathic Consultancy in Camberley, Frimley and Farnborough

We are the absolute best at what we do. We have a unique way of training our Osteopaths and monitoring their outcomes, so if they are not the absolute very best in their field, they are working somewhere else. We are passionate if not obsessed with results. What this means for you is it is our job to get you pain free and keep you pain free.

Have a look at the video below from our CEO/Clinical Director Alex Watson about how we stand out from the rest.

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About Osteopathic Consultancy

Established in 2000 we have had 69,000 consultations within our clinic over the years. We have over 7,000 patients on our books. Our professional team will take the time to really understand your personal needs. We take a comprehensive view on how to uplift your physical health and create a bespoke treatment program. A solution tailored  just for you.

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Why us?

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What is Osteopathy?

What People Say

Victoria Gammon
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Initially went on a friend’s recommendation to see Alex…… so pleased I did! My treatments have always been carried out in a positive, professional and friendly manner. Alex and his fabulous team listen to you, and enable you to make changes to enhance your daily living. A wonderful team of people who really care for their clients. Would highly recommend Osteopathic Consultancy.
Denise Bailey
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I have been coming here since 2012..I have scoliosis and a lot of back issues.. Alex keeps me going. I could not survive without his help, advice and treatment. I have seen a lot of practitioners about my back..Alex is simply the best..cannot recommend highly enough. The practice and staff are super helpful, friendly and professional. Thanks guys !
Michael Tolhurst
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I would recommend Alex and his team to anyone with muscle or joint pain. the skill, professionalism and courtesy they practice is 2nd to none. I first went 6 years ago with a back problem that was quickly sorted, I now attend regularly just to keep up my flexibility levels, I never leave after a treatment and not feel better for it.
Mary White
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Having been recommended to Alex and his team by some good friends (we thank them for that) both me and my husband have been thoroughly impressed with the treatment and care we both receive. Alex takes the time to get to the source of problems and then does his best to treat them so we can function properly. Exercises and great advice help me to cut down on visits to the cabin. Covid 19 safety procedures are excellent and the admin staff are always very helpful. I can thoroughly recommend this team of osteopaths to anyone in need.
Sally Brooks
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Returning customer this time for postnatal issues. Yvan has been great and 3 appointments in I’m well on my way to undoing the physical changes and pain caused by pregnancy. Thorough treatment and such an approachable clinic.
david henderson
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A fantastic local service. Alex and his high Calibre team (particularly Yvan) provide great advice and treatment in comfortable surroundings right on our doorstep. I discovered this great clinic in an emergency pain situation and now return & remain as a loyal customer. Keep up the great work.
Kit Hanney
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Outstanding service! Everyone is polite, helpful, make you feel safe and a truly valued customer. I have seen Alex for a few months now & he has helped me to improve my mobility & lifestyle, despite my various health issues (my jokes have also got better!) Useful videos online too. They really do succeed where others have failed. Simply the best!
Tina Sargeant
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I started using Osteopathic Consultancy 3 weeks ago after developing acute back pain. From the outset, the team have been very polite, friendly and courteous at all times. Knowledgeable staff treating me. An initial thorough assessment was carried out and a treatment plan devised. I was advised that I had to expect 6 weeks to get over the acute inflammation – I am already seeing small improvements (thank goodness). Very good measures put in place to safeguard staff and clients against covid -well done. Highly recommend.
karen dainton
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Amazing results after my appointment with Alex!..I highly recommend this Osteopathic clinic.
rachel dodder
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Excellent treatment and very professional.Yvan made me feel totally at ease and explained what treatment he was doing and why . I would certainly be happy to be treated by him again . Also due to covid there are stringent procedures in place to make you feel very safe while you are receiving your treatment
Rainbow Cupcake
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Yvan (and Alex) have helped me immensely with painful and stubborn tendinopathy in my ankle. Having had unsuccessful treatment prior to coming to Osteopathic Consultancy (partly due to Covid restrictions at the time), Yvan put me at ease, and helped me very much on my road in my ankle healing. Together with hands on treatment (very Covid safe I may add), and various exercises to perform at home, an acupuncture session with Alex and some physio exercises from the NHS, I can confidently say that my ankle, from fifteen months of suffering is approximately 95% healed and OC has a large part to play in that! :). I started my sessions with OC back in March of this year, made myself a goal to heal almost completely in the summer, and I can say that that goal has now been achieved! 🙂 I am confident that 100% healing can be achieved now. A fantastic company to visit, highly recommend their amazing service and professionality. Warm and Best Wishes. xox
Claire Andrews
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The team are so professional and friendly. I’m thrilled with my progress so far and very impressed with my treatment. I thoroughly recommend!
Robert Buckley
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Been going to Alex at Osteopathic Consultancy for close to 20 years now. He has looked after me at every session & has always put me on the straight & narrow for every aching bone & joint that l have presented him. Positive results have for me always been achieved.
Susan Davis
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Alex has been treating me at Osteopathic Consultancy for many years. I was in a mess when I first started, but with his treatments, together with stretching and exercises at home and in the gym, I now only see him occasionally for “maintenance” purposes – I’m fitter than I have ever been. He is thoroughly professional and dedicated to helping people get out of pain and stay well and I highly recommend him and the practice to anybody.
Avril Thorpe
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I’ve been seeing Alex for a number of years and have always found my treatment to be extremely beneficial. He always listens and addresses any problems I have. The results have been outstanding, which is why I still go regularly in order to continue to live a pain free life.

Our Guarantee

Registered with the GosC. Osteopaths must hold recognised qualifications, be indemnity insured, and pass a criminal records check. All our Osteopaths are members of The Institute of Osteopathy.

Money back, if not 100% satisfied.

What is Osteopathy

Osteopathy is a manual form of medicine that aims to restore health by bringing the musculoskeletal system back into a state of balance. We believe that the wellbeing of a person heavily relies on how well their skeleton, muscles, ligaments, and other connective tissue function smoothly. This specialisation applies a unique system of diagnosis and treatment to address a variety of health conditions that cause pain and dysfunction.

We seek to find not just the location and symptoms of the pain, but also its cause.

Our osteopaths use gentle and holistic hands-on methods of treatment that include physical manipulation, stretching, massage, and soft tissue mobilisation. With just one or a combination of these treatments, we hope to ensure:

  • improved flexibility and mobility of joints
  • relief of muscle tension
  • more restful sleep
  • increased energy levels to get you through the day
  • enhanced blood and nerve supply to tissues
  • better physical healing and sense of wellness

The range of techniques we apply often complement conventional forms of treatment like medication and surgery, with an aim of seeing patients no longer needing to rely on them for relief. Our range of treatments include:

  • Soft tissue massage
  • Joint articulation and manipulation
  • Stretching of muscles and joint capsules
  • High-velocity thrusts
  • Cranial osteopathy
  • Muscle energy techniques

At our Osteopathic clinic, we supplement our treatments with guidance on exercise regimens, postural, nutritional, and lifestyle advice that will maximise your recovery and overall state of health.

How Osteopathy Works

The holistic approach used in osteopathy not only addresses the physical problem, but also any mental, social, or environmental factors that may have an influence. We view different body systems and parts as being interconnected and being dependent on each other for optimal health. Our treatments offer relief for a variety of ailments including:

We also incorporate preventive treatment where possible to identify sources of referred pain before they become a bigger problem. This way we can help our patients avoid future complications and seek conventional treatments as needed. Early identification and diagnosis of health conditions reduces the health risks, speeds up the rate of recovery, and improves chances of not requiring invasive treatments to remedy.

Osteopathy is a highly regulated field that falls under the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC). Osteopaths must complete a 4-year degree programme before they can register with the council. They must then renew their registration every year, alongside licenses to practise. The GOsC closely monitors osteopaths to ensure the highest standards of competency, professional conduct, and safety. If looking for a qualified osteopath Camberley, look no further.

Better Health That Lasts a Lifetime

Besides the past and current health status of our patients, we also consider diet, lifestyle, and the environment in which they live when making an assessment. This comprehensive understanding of what stressors the body has been through helps us to tailor a treatment plan that will adequately address the pain and dysfunction suffered.

Our goal is to see you achieve short to long term results that will ensure a better quality of life, for the rest of your life. If you are looking for an osteopath near me, and work or reside in the Camberley area, do book a visit to our clinic.

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