Do you have foot or ankle pain? Do you feel like you cannot weight bear correctly? Do you have a sharp pain that makes you feel sick? Foot and ankle pain is very common. If you stand for a period of time you will have had foot pain at some point in your life. Our patients with foot and ankle pain often tell us they are struggling to stand let alone walk. Some can walk somewhat, but the pain stops them. Patients often come limping in struggling to put weight onto their ankle or foot. They can’t work out what to do for the best. The pain and suffering from foot pain should not be underestimated. It can be just awful. We see this all the time.

At Osteopathic Consultancy we not only treat your problem, we more importantly answer why you have the pain. We offer a bespoke, tailor made treatment plan to solve the underlying causes of why you are in pain and get you back on your feet fast. We know that every patient is unique, that’s why we take the time to fully understand your history to establish where the pain has come from and how we can help you get back to being you. We are here to solve the jigsaw puzzle that is you and your pain. Just imagine a life without this pain? We can give this to you. Don’t suffer any longer, come and see us today.