Does your knee hurt when you weight bear on it? Has your knee pain stopped you running or going to the gym? Patients with knee pain struggle with life. Patients struggled with walking or standing. This often leads them to stop living life to the fullest, stopping sports, fitness or hobbies. Life gets pretty hard to live with very quickly. Their knees may give way, click or grind, or feel sharp random stabs. It all leads to life becoming very difficult. If you have knee pain, you probably feel stuck and don’t know what is causing the pain or why it is there. You may have had it a long time and just want to know where to turn to next.

At Osteopathic Consultancy we not only treat your problem, we more importantly answer why you have the pain. We offer a bespoke, tailor made treatment plan to solve the underlying causes of why you are in pain and get you back on your feet fast. We know that every patient is unique, that’s why we take the time to fully understand your history to establish where the pain has come from and how we can help you get back to being you. Just imagine a life without this pain? We can give this to you. We are here to solve the jigsaw puzzle that is you and your pain. Don’t suffer any longer, come and see us today.