Pilates – The OC Way

Pilates for you, Around You, For You and Helps You.

Move Well, Look Well, Feel Well.

  • Improve your Core
  • Improve your flexibility
  • Improve your fitness
  • Improve your Strength

Pilates designed around you. The OC believes firmly in the long-term care of our patients. We are obsessed with helping where others have failed. This is where we excel. We aim to support you in feeling and being fit and healthy. The bedrock of the OC way is finding out what and why you have issues. Then we target them.

This will keep your body in great condition and reduce the chances of injuries. The structure and function of the body are reciprocally related. Basically, you are what you do and what you can do is what you are. Obvious when you think about it.

  • Our Classes are based around your needs and you.
  • Our Classes are high quality, and we will not have more than 6 people in a class.
  • Your Pilates instructor knows you and your problems.
  • Progress through variations of each exercise to suit you.
  • Guaranteed Class place.

Pilates. The OC Journey.

Step 1 – How do I get started?

Book your 1-1 session with your Pilates instructor and Osteopath. (£58) It’s up to an hour long. We can take a case history to find out about you and your problems. Then we will go through the common basic exercises so you can get into the class. Its free if your Osteopath feels Pilates is appropriate for you and then you sign up to the monthly membership.

Step 2 – Sign up for the membership.


This is led by qualified Osteopaths that are trained as Pilates instructors.


A FREE personal session with your Pilates Instructor before you start. This is to check it is safe for you to be in the class and assess your capability and a plan for you. This is an initial assessment and then once a year after this. (Valued at £58/£75)


Pilates on a weekly basis.


Free Yearly Mechanical and Postural check.


Access to your instructor via email at any time for advice.


A FREE Pilates weighted ball. (Valued at £8.99)
A FREE Pilates mat (Valued at £18.00)
A FREE Pilates Sitting block. (Valued at £13.99)
Total Value £98.98 (Clinical Director £115.98)
OC Clinical Pilates Membership. (£99 per Month.)
Alex’s Pilates Membership. (£109 per Month.)

Step 3 – Celebrate. You’ve taken your first big step. The next is the easy bit. Come to us. Let us take you on a journey to good health and wellness. We’ve got you and you now have us to help you.


General Pilates classes are led by a Pilates teacher, qualified in teaching Pilates. Clinical Pilates is led by medical practitioners that are already highly trained in anatomy and physiology and pathology. They are already highly trained before they take the Clinical Pilates Course. There are many Pilates classes held everywhere you can choose. If you choose us, you have a qualified and registered Osteopath leading a small class of 6 or under. Our Osteopaths can help each person to achieve their goals within the class. Our Pilates members will benefit from a Bespoke experience where the Osteopath will support each person and their mechanics in the class individually.

We are qualified medical practitioners. Our Osteopaths work for us at Osteopathic Consultancy which means they are highly qualified and highly trained within our clinical practice. This puts us in a league above as practitioners and also as Pilates instructors. We are trained to analyse your strengths and weaknesses to design the classes to suit you. Design and modify the class around your needs. We offer this top-level Pilates support that is unmatched in our area.

General Pilates makes your body strong and mobile by using movement patterns. When you add the bespoke nature of our clinicians leading the sessions it becomes highly effective and extremely safe. Many times, in our clinic we see patients who have gone back to or attended Pilates sessions that were unsuitable for them and sustained an injury. We will monitor and support you with us in your Pilates journey. Each Pilates session is personally tailored to your ability and your need. Therefore our classes have 6 or less people, giving each person the quality bespoke support, they need.

Clinical Pilates is suitable for nearly all abilities. The classes are suitable for complete beginners right up to anyone who has been doing Pilates for years. Because we have such small class sizes, we can focus on each person individually and tailor the exercises to be safe and effective just for you.

Before you attend our Pilates session you will complete a consultation for a 1-1 with your Pilates instructor. Our clinician will make sure they know you, your abilities and underlying issues.

We make our pricing simple and clear and transparent. The Clinical Pilates membership entitles you to one session a week. If you cannot make a class and if there is space in a different class that week you are more than welcome to change classes with your instructor. If your instructor feels it is appropriate you can have a make-up session that’s not with your instructor. This is at both the instructor’s clinical decision.

Yes, we base our classes around you. We need know clinically what is happening. But more importantly how we are going to help you best.
We run small personalised and tailored group sessions based around knowing you. We limit the classes, so we have a high-quality class focused on you. We are passionate about what we do, and we won’t do less. We have limited space and that means your spot is literally for you only.

Yes, but speak to your Osteopath (Pilates instructor) they will be able to guide you.

£58. This is needed to make sure it’s safe. Start your journey off with some advice for the classes. Free when you sign up for your membership.

Yes, but your Osteopath Pilates instructor will only do certain days.

We’ve got you covered; we can do a comprehensive hand over of your care.

You will have a credit on the system that can be used later. (Within 4 weeks.)

The instructor will give a comprehensive hand over to another clinician to make sure they know your abilities. This will only happen on rare occasions.
We review our fees yearly. 1 months’ notice will be given.
We need one full calendar month. You can call or email us. Please don’t cancel the direct debit, speak to the team first. To cancel for May. You need to contact us before the 1st April.
Yes, no problem. You may not be able to get into the same class or have the same instructor.
Are you Ready? Please contact us. Our friendly team love to help. We are raring to get going.